Will Wireless Charger works with Otter + Pop Sockets?

Posted by V-Bee on 5th Jun 2019

Otterbox just released a collaboration case with Pop Sockets called Otter + Pop Sockets. The great thing about this case is that you have a good protection from the famous Otterbox and a good grip from the recently well-known Pop Sockets.

If you are concern whether the case works on wireless charger or not, yes it does work. But there's trick to make it work, you might need to take off the Pop Top (or Pop button if you like to call it that) before using the wireless charger.

1. Twisting the Pop Top to the left to remove.

2. Put the phone on your wireless charger.

3. It should charge your phone.

OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry Case iPhone XR - Go To Blue