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Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof Rugged Case iPhone 6/6S Plus

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The world's first topless direct touch screen waterproof and drop proof smartphone case – Dog&Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof Rugged Case iPhone 6/6S Plus . Wetsuit is now here for iPhone 6/6S Plus with a new slim triple layer of shock protection in its slimmest form and most touch-able design yet.
Dog & Bone's Wetsuit iPhone 6/6S Plus case with Touch ID compatibility and stylish bespoke patterns includes complete access to all ports and controls. It is waterproof to 6.6 feet (2 metres), shockproof to 6.6 feet (2 metres), dirt proof/sand proof and snow proof. Jump from activity to activity from land to water and stay confident all the while your mobile phone is protected.

Featureing Topless Direct Touch Screen, triple layer of shock protection, soft rubber-touch case, tough without the bulk, IP 68 ; Highest level of ingress protection from water and dust, MIL STD 810F ; Meets and exceeds Military standards to withstand drops to 6.6 feet (two metres), proofed to the top, Touch ID Compatibility, etc.

Looks great and feels even better. Plugs for the headphone and charger port are often a problem with waterproof cases. Dog and Bone provides two extra plugs with your purchase. Great protective case. One thing a lot of people freak out about is this water sits naturally between the plastic case but it does not penetrate the rubber boot if you have it installed properly.

Much easier to maneuver and access the buttons and more compared to other past cases. Someone ever dropped it many times and phone inside is still perfect with this case. It works as it should as far as water proof, dust and shock proof. It's nice protection for the iPhone 6 when you are working construction.

The company suggests users should do such a test “every time before assembly” — the test involves submerging the phone underwater for 15 minutes, then checking to see if it penetrates the inner membrane “boot.” If that doesn’t work, you should start the test over again. Considering this, and the lack of warranty for a damaged phone, it seems Dog & Bone is taking an extra step to make any damage seem like the user’s responsibility.

So, it’s time to make a choice. If you want to protect your phone from damage, dust, dirt, and lastly water, you must have this case. Cause this is perfect thing will completed your day.

It’s available in 3 colors : Orange, White, and Black

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